happy birthday @datschwandt !! had a wonderful weekend with @jeffreestar and @jessicablevins <3

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they had crops to harvest, cattle to feed, and mischievous chickens to chase down (can you spot them all?). running a farm is a tough business, and steve and alex were hard at work getting ready for autumn! #jrpg #pixelart #minecraft

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[kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 1,5–1,4 l/100 km | co₂-emissionen kombiniert: 34–33 g/km | stromverbrauch kombiniert: 15,0–14,8 kwh/100 km | mb4.me/nefz | mercedes-benz a 250 e] [kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 1,4 l/100 km | co₂-emissionen kombiniert: 33–32 g/km | stromverbrauch kombiniert: 14,8–14,7 kwh/100 km | mb4.me/nefz | mercedes-benz a 250 e saloon] plug-in hybrids are an important milestone on the road to zero-emissions driving. mercedes‑benz cars is pushing ahead with the development of its plug-in hybrids under the eq power label. new models from the compact-car family with the third-generation hybrid drive are now celebrating their premiere, among which the a 250 e and the a 250 e saloon. #switchtoeq #enjoyelectric #mercedesbenz #aclass #pluginhybrid

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fans just call it sec. the coupé of the 126 series is as cool as beautiful. take a seat and salute mr. bruno sacco for his masterpiece. #mbclassic #mercedes #mercedesbenz #mercedesbenzclassic #classiccar #car #carsofinstagram #instacar 📸 via @mercedesbenzmuseum

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which one are you? 😂 (via @fazememez) #fortnite #fazeup

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experience the full intensity of the #maseratilevantetrofeo v8 engine and let it awaken your senses.

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heroes never die. . 👤jiang feng(artstation)

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an average speed of 316 km/h over 12 hours in 1978 with the c 111-iii. spread your wings, record-car! #mbclassic #c111 #mercedes #mercedesbenz #mercedesbenzclassic #classiccar #car #carsofinstagram #instacar 📸 via @mercedesbenzmuseum

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@nataliesoutlet's got producitivity tips for anyone getting ready to go back to school. 🙌 link in bio to visit her channel.

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[mercedes-amg a 35 4matic | kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 7,4–7,3 l/100 km | co₂-emissionen kombiniert: 169–167 g/km | mb4.me/nefz] takes you everywhere you want to go. 📸: @thombatemanphoto for #mbsocialcar #mercedes #mercedesamg #amg #a35 #amazingcars #instacar #carsofinstagram #drivingperformance

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