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a hidden life written and directed by terrence malick in theaters december 13, 2019
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you had me at "3 hour malick film". keeping fingers crossed this is a gala premiere at afi fest this year. - 6 days ago


✨✨✨✨✨✨✨❤️ - 6 days ago


‘full of merit, yet poetically / humans dwell upon the earth.’ - 6 days ago


priceless indeed can't wait - 6 days ago


@emilhvjensen 🤮🤮🤮 - 6 days ago


@dj_raider agree. this will be another oscar-bait 🤢 but oscar ain’t shit anyway so yeah! - 6 days ago


i love his work! genius 😊 - 6 days ago


i don't know what the film is about and i don't want to know. i only know that malick creates stunning pieces of beauty and contemplation and that i will enjoy this one as much as the others. - 6 days ago


🌛 - 6 days ago


jesus 🙌 - 6 days ago


so excited. - 6 days ago


looking forward to this one - 6 days ago


malick is back - 6 days ago


i never understood the hate malick gets for his films. i guess it has to do with the fact that they speak for themselves instead trying to analyze every detail put in them. and i guess another reason being that he ain't your typical hollywood filmmaker and much of the audience expect a straight forward narrative in his films - 6 days ago


i'm sure this will have 4 words total in it - 6 days ago


wow 🌿♥️ - 6 days ago


❤️ extremely excited ❤️ - 5 days ago


looking forward to it - 5 days ago


check out our latest episode on badlands. - 5 days ago


🖤 - 5 days ago


marked my calendar - 5 days ago


this movie totally moved me in cannes and had my 9 year old’s attention, with pertinent question over days. beautifully shot, perfectly executed, flawless acting, swoon-worthy art direction and costume, and heart rendering performances. the soundtrack haunts you for days. thank you #terrencemallick for such a cinematic treat. @__zenith______ , you were poignant. - 5 days ago


@dimasyqie_ @hanif_mub @rizkishla.mkv kayanya keren nih - 5 days ago


@fadli_ammar auto - 5 days ago


@fadli_ammar mubasyarotan - 5 days ago


@jkinney91 holy smokes. this may be one that i don’t see because i’m intimidated by how good it is - 5 days ago


@lukegard22 its hopefully gonna be awesome. i have been looking forward to this for sometime. - 4 days ago


@lukegard22 watch the trailer it is fire! - 4 days ago