6 days ago
name reservation has begun, what did you choose? . 👤xofks12(deviantart)
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my mage paulomaldini ( ❤️ orgrimmar ❤️ ) - 6 days ago


i wanted my original name of myra but someone already got it so i picked myrah - 6 days ago


@fratsmattic i like that. hades for a warlock - 6 days ago


nelf warrior dóragon uwu - 6 days ago


i managed to get ashley on a oceanic server. that's about it. - 6 days ago


gandoo - 6 days ago


handbag for a tauren warrior. - 6 days ago


i name a undead female mage after my sister rosana xd and one druid nightelf after my shadow main tinanoona and also the samen name on an other server ist an undead female priest - 6 days ago


the name i chose 12 years ago, and still have, lol - 6 days ago


hi! i share my wow arts✨ pls like and support me 🙃💛 - 6 days ago


i didnt choose shit yet... and im gonna wait a year... cuz ya'll crying posts will be showing up next 2 months about ur "bad" realm and im gonna avoid those realm :d so that's why :d - 6 days ago


i named undead shadow priest tirisfal ( rus server ) - 6 days ago


durotar for warrior - 6 days ago


warlock: hearthsfear - 6 days ago


i called my troll shaman shamon - 6 days ago


named my troll: drtrollhouse - 6 days ago


tauren warrior cahdek - 6 days ago


dident get mine... - 6 days ago


human priest: boytoucher. - 6 days ago


i need a chance when i get home ugh - 6 days ago


@twimidna lol so cheesy - 6 days ago


huckleberry for a tauren dudu 😍 - 6 days ago


human mage named bwonsunday 👌 - 6 days ago


i reserved nazgûl for my undead priest - 6 days ago


sick - 6 days ago


that name is unavailable - 6 days ago


cameltoe - human female rogue.... want to know why it's so good? because no one can see it 👀👀👀 - 6 days ago


marker and plum - 6 days ago


not activated my account yet. still got a token in bank. never had problems finding a name that i like so no hurries😁 - 6 days ago


diobrando - 6 days ago


@kenzhall21 it just felt right haha - 6 days ago


conardo - 5 days ago


@unmazing see what ya did there. - 5 days ago


named mine greyblanket - 5 days ago


tauren warrior cowabunga - 5 days ago


bootystalker, undead rogue - 5 days ago


@fratsmattic lol yup - 4 days ago


no joke windfury 👌 - 2 days ago


nibbaboy - 1 day ago


kjord as a main orc warlock, nazgrim orc shaman and wrathion undead mage - 1 day ago