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an updated version of the julia child classic that makes it easier than ever -- no parboiling rice, no salting and draining zucchini and also you can skip that flour, making it gluten-free. turn everyone you know into a crispy zucchini casserole fanatic. [zucchini, rice, and cheese gratin on smittenkitchen.com or linked in profile]
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delicious! 🙌 - 8 days ago


loved it and i put some frank’s hot sauce on my serving! - 7 days ago


yes, i have made with brown rice - increased liquid by about half cup and longer cooking time, i think at least 20 minutes, maybe more. - 7 days ago


@melissaracouillat 😋 - 7 days ago


@louisejanemoran sounds lovely let me know how it goes - 7 days ago


@miscelenius dinner tonight?? - 7 days ago


@themealprepculture look at this 🤤🤤🤤 - 7 days ago


@themealprepculture look at this 🤤🤤🤤 - 7 days ago


made this with farro and extra parmesan. delicious and “substantial.” thank you! - 7 days ago


yummy! 😍😍 - 7 days ago


gnammmmmmm🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 - 7 days ago


@eatingbyv that looks amazing 🔥 - 7 days ago


@eatingbyv that looks amazing 🔥 - 7 days ago


@cowsaymo05 when i come visit 😏 - 7 days ago


i am somehow ingredient-ly connected to you. 😂 anytime i have an abundance of an ingredient, you post an amazing sound recipe within 24 hours. thank you! we will be making this 💛 - 7 days ago


@feralcherylann i made this today and it was awesome. for your zukes. - 7 days ago


@alagarry how did you know! i got home after being gone a week and it’s a zuke overload. literally about to bake a double batch of bread and a huge pot of chili with zukes, i’ll prob have some leftover for this too - 7 days ago


i made this the other night and it was fabulous! i had to make a couple changes (pantry dive) and added chicken for a full meal that i sautéed with the onion and used arborio rice instead (it’s all i had) i deglazed with a little dry sherry and added 1/4c more stock (instead of the milk) and added some sharp cheddar to the mix too. it cooked about 10-15 minutes longer and i stirred it 2xs while cooking. delicious! my 7 year old even asked for me to make it again....and ate all the leftovers! - 7 days ago


made this tonight and everyone loved it. my kids were having seconds!! - 6 days ago


@smittenkitchen help, deb! i just shredded 2 1/2 lbs of zucchini and was laying out all my ingredients to make this... when i found that i have no parmesan and no way to get back to the store ahead of making this. however, i’ve got a load of pecorino romano. is there any way to substitute it, even though it’s saltier? - 6 days ago


yummy 💯😍💚 - 5 days ago


this dish needs dill in. as does any zucchini dish. - 4 days ago


@smittenkitchen i was confused on how much liquid to add. my zucchini produced 3/4 cups because i had to stop after grating to attend to something else. i added 1/2 cup of stock for flavor but also the 2 tbsp of flour. that worked, luckily. and we liked it. in your revised recipe, are you saying to work fast enough that you zucchini does not drain, don’t salt it, and add a half cup liquid (& skip the flour)? - 4 days ago


do you recommend a long grain or pearl rice for this recipe?? - 4 days ago


oooh this looks and sounds delish 🤤🤤 - 4 days ago


made it for dinner , not a zucchini fan but now i am ! 💯 - 4 days ago


made this today and i did not expect it to be this good! like this good!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 - 4 days ago


what a cool spin on the classic - 4 days ago


@smittenkitchen i could give it the extra cooking time, but would i also need to add more liquid? - 3 days ago


@marimel to fazendo esse hj!! amei esse insta 💛 - 3 days ago


i made 4 of your recipes last week, and one was better than the next. went out and bought your cookbook as well. you have become my go to girl for delicious and original recipes! - 3 days ago


@alexandraglee should we make this tonight with the zucchini - 2 days ago


made this tonight! soooo tasty! - 2 days ago


@sarahmitch76 keep me posted. yum! - 1 day ago