6 days ago
on the go or at home, take a moment this summer to chill with the #nintendoswitch system! ☀️
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ciao, siamo una nuova pagina riguardante le migliori clip di twitch italia. seguiteci se volete! - 2 days ago


i'll take as a yes 😍 - 2 days ago


che figata😱 - 1 day ago


am posting fights daily check me out - 1 day ago


@luizh_xv kkkk - 1 day ago


@hyroish obviously, that’s the joke - 1 day ago


😍 - 1 day ago


no but ps4 and pc do idiot do you have smash bros or zelda that's what an exclusive of - 1 day ago


😮😮whaaaaaaa - 1 day ago


but do dey dwift? - 1 day ago


❤️ - 1 day ago


the sticks probably drift😐 - 1 day ago


sonic and tails, mario and luigi - 1 day ago


they gonna drift as well? - 1 day ago


@ahmed_legend68 as much as i hate nintendo as a company, microsoft is worse - 1 day ago


@brohohonessa or maybe because nintendo is ripping off their consumers - 1 day ago


[insert joke about drifting] - 1 day ago


interesting😙 - 1 day ago


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@xsaycheesex: i 👀 - 1 day ago


this is another reason i like nintendo. - 1 day ago


where are the instruction on how to make them. i want switch popsicles! 😍 - 1 day ago


wtf - 1 day ago


@craneoprimate nah, but these ones cost 20$ more than the original price - 1 day ago


hi, i have your wii u - 1 day ago


@thebtown508 but the normal is too heavy and big in my opinion, it aint that easy ... - 21 hours ago


when are you gonna make a phone alternative for the joy-con - 20 hours ago


@jonito.dofus jaja y esa cuenta? - 16 hours ago


so funny - 16 hours ago


😂so funny - 16 hours ago


that looks great, but once it starts melting the joy sticks will drift! - 16 hours ago


don't test me i will eat plastic - 10 hours ago


to expensive i'd rather buy another ice🍦 - 9 hours ago


seems they’re just too slippery and the joystick gets away from you sometimes - 5 hours ago


translucent joycons would be amazing - 2 hours ago


@wonderwhatsnext26 those look so cool i wish they were real 😭 - 1 hour ago


your joycons are trrrash cuz they keep drifting the the thing thet fixes them in the settings dont work - 1 hour ago