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@cla55icz literally begging - 1 day ago


@kelsdm_ "nerfing brig was bad" lmao shush copper - 1 day ago


@ercrispy_kma_ lol ill just focus you with winston. the zaps should sort you degenerates out - 1 day ago


@porkillia. take a look at this 😍 - 1 day ago


@kontrabajo literally any hitscan - 1 day ago


@threadlurker nobody cares about you apparently either. 22 followers lol. - 1 day ago


@threadlurker anything to grow 😂 - 1 day ago


hello what is the next event in oven watch ? and when? - 1 day ago


@playoverwatch hello what is the next event in oven watch ? and when? - 1 day ago


@a.bakema lmao bc this is obviously my main account - 1 day ago


follow me plzz :v - 23 hours ago


@threadlurker omm i got more money den u - 22 hours ago


why i cant connect to ow servers? - 22 hours ago


sigmas fire, good way to counteract his ult is with lucios. will protect you so well 👌🏽 cause the damage output on sigmas ult is so stupid. will literally ruin your day 😂 - 22 hours ago


blizzard please,nerf bastion. - 22 hours ago


why can’t i stay as a team? the button is not there - 20 hours ago


can we start a protest to make brigette’s old shield back - 20 hours ago


@threadlurker yesssssss or i would not be concerned tf *rolls eyes to the end of the universe * - 18 hours ago


@cynsity25 lmao ok at what rank - 18 hours ago


dude ,wtf with the servers ?? - 17 hours ago


una mierda!!!! cerraron los servidores de chile valen hongo ctm...no se puede jugar así.. - 17 hours ago


yesss queen - 16 hours ago


i hate 222 change it 💞 - 13 hours ago


nooo bring back the old comp - 6 hours ago


if a someone leaves there won't be anyone to fulfill their place!!! the old comp was much easier and fun - 6 hours ago


@farah_32707 halloween, in october not sure about the exact date - 6 hours ago


plsszs bring back pink mercy skin🥺😮 - 3 hours ago


bring back the pink mercy skin!!! - 1 hour ago


有中国的朋友吗 - 32 minutes ago