4 months ago
no one escapes gravity. play sigma now on pc, playstation 4, and xbox one! learn more at playoverwatch.com
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@matt_sauer_ he’s the best tank - 1 month ago


@titanium_platinum that’s why i hate him, i’m a road hog main - 1 month ago


a mix of “sugma” and “ligma”? 😂😂😂 - 1 month ago


🇭🇰 - 1 month ago


sigma nuts - 1 month ago


looks like my physics teacher - 1 month ago


@illiannx yo teacher being a snacc - 1 month ago


wie boter op zijn hoofd heeft moet uit de zon blijven - 1 month ago


😂 - 1 month ago


@bsmith35_ actually a greec letted - 28 days ago


@till_waldi *letter - 28 days ago


sigma nuts - 24 days ago


sigma more like ligma - 13 days ago


cool een nederlandse - 5 days ago


@fascistdystopia what how is this dio? - 4 days ago


i sigma have a piano - 4 days ago


next year we deserve like... ten new heros, 5 tank and 5 sup please - 4 days ago


@christopharson do you believe in gravity? - 4 days ago


daddy - 3 days ago


@fascistdystopia 何 what - 3 days ago


@christopharson it’s a line from part 6 stone ocean. because sigma is able to manipulate gravity it ties into dio’s most notable line in that part, “do you believe in gravity?” - 3 days ago


@fascistdystopia ooh ok i haven’t read s o yet but i have about a 3rd of it all japanese and thought dio was only in flashbacks i’m probably just gonna wait for the anime at this point - 3 days ago


@christopharson personally, i loved stone ocean and i can’t wait for the animation - 3 days ago


@fascistdystopia hell ya i can say it looked beautiful although i wish anasui stayed a girl - 3 days ago


@gabriel_.fung ligma bouls? - 2 days ago