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😍 - 6 days ago


🔥 - 6 days ago


🔥 - 6 days ago


dnt trade isaac !!! - 6 days ago


posting a picture of the nets until they win the nba finals 🗿 - 6 days ago


@x.snowthegunner.x notice the orange o? 👀 - 6 days ago


chumaaa - 6 days ago


he look ready to play rn #magicaboveall - 6 days ago


i’ll be posting the same picture of wilt chamberlain everyday till someone breaks his record of 100 points in a single nba game 🐐 - 6 days ago


he look like he don’t wanna be here - 6 days ago


give okeke the max - 6 days ago


still doesn’t look happy - 6 days ago


should’ve drafted nickeil alexander walker 🤦🏾‍♂️ - 5 days ago


we compare nba players daily. - 5 days ago


vote on our story! - 5 days ago


that carry tho lmao - 5 days ago


what i got to do to get free tickets i don’t care if there bad i just want to see the magic play in person @orlandomagic #magic - 5 days ago


@dirtyluvv you don’t need to have a huge smile in every single picture 😂 he didn’t even thinks he’d be drafted in the first round i think he’s happy to be here - 5 days ago


🙏🙌 - 5 days ago


@cale.mckinnon exactly! folk stay looking for reasons to say some nonsense. - 5 days ago


@micvli.rosewood 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ - 5 days ago


good luck for your rookie season @chumaokeke_ 💪🏻 i am sure it is gonna be “magic” ✨ #magicaboveall - 5 days ago


jonathan isaac fan page! follow for all news about the magic and more specifically about jonathan isaac!! - 5 days ago


@dirtyluvv this is how he looked majority of the time at auburn - 5 days ago


😍 - 5 days ago


so much talent orlando passed on and to draft anothet pf wow. he reminds me of justin harper - 5 days ago


who tf dribbles like that lol - 5 days ago


when the hell are we signing him?! - 5 days ago


@yungnrichh okeke in 6 - 5 days ago


sign him - 5 days ago


chum bucket👏👏🔵⚫ - 5 days ago


carry - 5 days ago


hes so young i'm sure these comments can get into his head. #letsgomagic - 5 days ago


who is that kid? send him to dleague - 5 days ago


while most people don’t like this pick for a different reason, this kid actually looked really good and really matured in the tourney, then the injury happened, i dont care when he’ll be ready, that’s a red flag injury, yet orlando still took him way higher than even initially projected. even if they were set on him, why they didn’t trade back beats me, he would’ve been there way later and could’ve acquired another asset. but best of luck to him and a speedy recovery, he was a good player before getting hurt hopefully it doesn’t affect him long term - 5 days ago


goooooooo - 5 days ago


okekedagreat‼️ - 4 days ago