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in order to protect the country from imminent danger, he’ll have to clear his own name first. #angelhasfallen is coming to dolby cinema august 23.
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can't wait to watch it in dolby - 5 days ago


will this be out in dolby cinema? - 5 days ago


πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’™ - 5 days ago


@red_robot_king_7 thank you, your majesty. - 5 days ago


in dolby atmos ? - 5 days ago


this is not a movie this is a film - 5 days ago


beautiful.. - 5 days ago


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still haven't seen london. first was decent, i liked white house down more, yet it never got a sequel like i hoped. now 6 years later and olympus has fallen already has already been made into 3. - 5 days ago


but he’s a scot🀨 - 5 days ago


for every movie or tv series created, stunt doubles have put their lives in danger so we can enjoy these stunts. you'd think they'd get a lot of money and recognition for this, but this is the opposite. this is why we started a petition, to get an oscar and more recognition for the stuntdoubles. sign the petition now! the link is in my bio - 5 days ago


❀️ - 4 days ago


im seeing this movie early acces - 11 hours ago