5 days ago
we’re thrilled to announce a special encore presentation of @soundgarden: live from the artists den - the #imax experience, only in #imax theatres on 8/22 and 8/25. if you didn’t catch it last time, don’t miss your final chance! check your local showtimes and get tickets today.
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way too sad for me. i'm cool with watchig footage here and there and listening to recorded audio, maybe i'm crazy, but maybe let the dead rest? - 5 days ago


@edwardelg we should check this out - 5 days ago


@michael_brand1 maybe this time lbk! - 5 days ago


@realseanway now you’re talking. - 4 days ago


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@rockin_rocky15 did you check? - 4 days ago


@rockin_rocky15 more coming soon. so we just wait - 4 days ago


🔥 - 4 days ago


i was there. what an awesome experience! - 4 days ago


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