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useful ideas for wearing your boyfriend’s clothes.👫 #5minutecrafts #video #boyfriend #ideas #clothes follow us on twitter! (http://twitter.com/5m_crafts)
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who actually wears clothes like this??? - 8 days ago


more sketches!!!!! - 8 days ago


кто здесь русский ( украинский) лайк! - 8 days ago


“a dollar for an apron!?” “hell no” “babe! gimme yo shirt” “pls dont tell me your watching-“ - 8 days ago


who ever is reading this i pray that you have an amazing day, afternoon or night and always remember that you are beautiful and that you are loved and always will be! ❤️❤️❤️ - 8 days ago


babe, i’m just gonna make some clothes from yours ok, i have nothing to wear but your wardrobe is stocked with clothes - 8 days ago


i— glue. just glue - 8 days ago


oh no, not the flannel! 😫 - 8 days ago


somebody plz tell me why we should wear our boyfriends' clothes 🤔🤔🤔🤔 - 8 days ago


more like cutting your boyfriends clothes - 8 days ago


just buy a skirt for five bucks in goodwill or something - 8 days ago


more like how to get a breakup - 8 days ago


*gf cooking w her new apron* bf:hmmm that's smell so good... wait what do you did w my shirt?! - 7 days ago


@planttreeorg a/c to this....earth will be covered by trees in just a few days ,since u r going to copy and paste this same thing in different posts😂😂😂 - 7 days ago


@ajith_walker reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @top.comment.god - 7 days ago


step 1: get a boyfriend - 7 days ago


no love it - 7 days ago


you know, i think your boyfriend probably still wants his clothes 😂 - 7 days ago


that apron and the shirt it was made out if is possibly the ugliest thing i've ever seen. - 6 days ago


i don’t think your boyfriend would like it if you cut his clothes😂 - 6 days ago


what if u don’t have a boyfriend - 6 days ago


there was no saveing or reuseing that pled shirt - 5 days ago


the poor flannel - 5 days ago


такую рубашку и на лоскуточки(( - 5 days ago


just absolutely mutilate his clothes and then glue them back together with craft glue 😂😂 - 4 days ago


someone should do “wearing 5 minute crafts diy clothes for a week” - 2 days ago


buuuuuuy them why u destroy bf wardrobe - 2 days ago


класно😍😍👍👍 - 2 days ago


are they using school glue cuz it looks like it 😅 - 2 days ago


why not instead of destroying the clothes you just, you know, wear them?!? - 2 days ago