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a true warrior picks the right weapon for every job. sometimes it's a speedy smg, othertimes it's a versatile ar. in the sneakiest of situations, it's hard to beat the silence and hitting power of a crossbow. what's your favorite weapon as we prepare for royale pass season 9?
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@zaatreh.hasan الكريسبو🤤💙 - 2 days ago


dear. pubg mobile team pls fix laging issue on this devices like honor play poco f1 and many more i hope fix as well soon - 2 days ago


😂 - 2 days ago


mau ngumpulin orang yang mau bilang " sekinnnnnnn teroooooooosssssssssss" - 2 days ago


احلا شباب بل ببجي 💕 - 2 days ago


شحنولي رويال باسج - 2 days ago


crossbow is insane🔥 - 2 days ago


why you dont give as free ilite pass plizz i wante ilite pass - 2 days ago


@frenchbrandyn true there's the fact this is the problem with every game - 2 days ago


@kalee_kingmaker adhu onnu dhan kedu - 2 days ago


😂amada ....season 9 mokka mokka mokka mokka mokka mokka - 2 days ago


add me killingyou18 - 2 days ago


crossbo - 2 days ago


@motasemalnayle then thats not pubg mobile fault its emulator fault🤣 - 2 days ago


ترجمه - 2 days ago


i get it nobody use crossbow so you made the s9 about ninja and worrier so we can play in the shadows and use swords crossbows i like that - 2 days ago


ok🙄 - 2 days ago


m762 - 2 days ago


m4a16 - 2 days ago


m24 the best gun with mk14 auto - 2 days ago


@apex_grid i have the skills, and the knowledge to know that no scope shoots are not efficient. yes i can do them. but they won't work everytime. snipers are designed for long range.. is that hard to understand? i'd like it to be only snipers honestly... but from the game developers perspective it is the wrong choice.. they even probably think no scopes are dope yet stupid to count on. - 2 days ago


akm - 2 days ago


ban the hackers and fix the glitch😐👍 - 1 day ago


@0taku_yuki gk ada skin crosbow lagii itu cmn foto - 1 day ago


❤️ pubg is my life..... - 1 day ago


😍😍 - 1 day ago


my favourite weapon in pubg is vector - 1 day ago


exited for meeting new hackers.✌ - 22 hours ago


😢😢 - 16 hours ago


@iahm4d7 uh no. designed for long range deadly at close range in the right hands. is the map long range in tdm? no. takes skill to run close range snipers - 13 hours ago


@apex_grid i play in snipers 30 meters and above sometimes you face an enemy face to face and your skills won't even help you and that's why they add the pistol, kar89 in tdm is much stronger than in classic mode or sniper training. i myself don't like tonuse pistols in sniper training. i am good with snipers. but most average players are not. - 10 hours ago


@apex_grid what i'm trying to say is snipers in face to face combat are not efficient in anyway especially if you're facing a squad. pistols are essential in this situation. - 10 hours ago


@muzammel_007 it’s already in the game 😂 - 7 hours ago