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@guadron.melissa ❤️😅yo solo se comermelo - 1 day ago


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@mari_lia_87 παιχνιδάκια είναι αυτά για ερασιτέχνες....😂😂😂😂 εμείς είμαστε σε άλλο επίπεδο!!! - 1 day ago


the black pepper one you should spread it out more if not overcrowding could happen - 1 day ago


grows in 5 minutes! - 1 day ago


@sahilmasson786 chill why so thirsty - 1 day ago


i thought ripen cucumber skin should look a bit yellowish. it seems like they are planting a young cucumber seeds - 1 day ago


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بوكسات مكياج ماركة درجة اولى بأسعار حلوة ورخيصة 🤩🌹 - 1 day ago


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honestly the first one was kind of smart - 1 day ago


@m.schoenwetter also all the fruits and vegetables you get from stores in america are gmo and are not able to grow offspring. anything you plant that you get from a grocery store either than seed packets, will maybe grow the plant, but if it does it will not make the fruit. - 1 day ago


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@abbyshearonmurphy i love this! - 1 day ago


@sofias_1901 as sementes agora já vai vim tudo pra mim - 1 day ago


how tf do you get seeds from a carrot?? - 1 day ago


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just kidding haha - 21 hours ago


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@lexi__kay_ this might be for 5 years - 12 hours ago


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excellent.i liked your this video.lmao😂 - 10 hours ago


fyi this is not how you plant and grow your own plants - 9 hours ago


@aml_s.badawy لما تيجي اعمليها - 8 hours ago


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