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give everything for your team. atlético 👏👏👏⁣ ⁣ #ucl
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@renaldy_nicho anjay strategi bermutu - 5 days ago


@atleticodemadrid #aúpaatleti3 times in #ucl you lose against @realmadrid in these 3 games @realmadrid was the champion . - 5 days ago


counter attack? no. atletico says no. - 4 days ago


crazy 👏👏👏👏 - 4 days ago


@isacanderssonn du taggar oss i den nu jaaaaa - 4 days ago


@davidberntssonn haha old byt gold - 4 days ago


@joshbaxter94 @seanjsmith94 love to see it - 4 days ago


@aman_gk15 hahahahaahahah kkkkenau - 4 days ago


😂😂😂😂 - 4 days ago


@saifulxhaziq kau semalam. - 4 days ago


@wolfdose which one? - 4 days ago


yang defence drop back. - 4 days ago


@wolfdose hahahaha ni whole team sia turun - 3 days ago


@mouhannad_tartoussi lek kam wehed reje3 ydefe3 - 3 days ago


rapatkan barisan😅 - 3 days ago


@antisocial_badboy this tracking back🔥🔥 - 2 days ago


@doornuld madness - 2 days ago


@jonathancaue10 😲 - 2 days ago


@_emanuelxt hj tem liverpool e manster unid - 2 days ago


@andresfelipe7055 😂😂😂el problema acá es el físico una corrida así y son 10 cambios😂 - 2 days ago


horrible - 2 days ago


@giavanniahmed 5arrab 2omha - 2 days ago


@joe.bentall nice finishing - 2 days ago


@ibby__14 don’t embarrass yourself - 2 days ago


@paricio1 este fue el que me dijiste? - 2 days ago


this in fifa would result in a broken tv - 1 day ago


the midfielders and defenders have to fallback. but the strikers can choose not to. however costa still ran back and this is something to appreciate. a striker who chooses to participate in defense is a passionate one! - 16 hours ago


crazy fallback👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 - 15 hours ago


esto es lo que necesitamos en el madrid. un par de huevos y tíos que corren - 12 hours ago


@eavelar003 "el bus" - 2 hours ago


the finishing killed me😂 - 2 hours ago