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the fastest ballcarriers from week 5! 🏃‍♂️💨 #nextgenstats
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😂if i was matt brieda i’ll be running that fast too to get my first touchdown of the year 🤡 - 12 days ago


slept on @mbreida22 😤 - 12 days ago


no way these are accurate like they’re wearing pads and a helmet and ur telling me they’re running at an olympic track speed? i ain’t buying it - 11 days ago


cmc 🚀 - 11 days ago


the real cheetah @mbreida22 - 11 days ago


@tginn_02 fr - 11 days ago


@tginn_02 but god forbid i say anything like "lamar just can't be black, he's a qb" - 11 days ago


@f.vb.smith_02 god forbid - 11 days ago


dalvin cook was good in college and still is good in the nfl - 11 days ago


@willzavala_ well let me know when brieda reaches 23.24 mph! until then, @cheetah is the fastest guy in the nfl. - 11 days ago


@bigpat224 cheetah is brieda lol - 11 days ago


tarik cohen is like that💯 - 11 days ago


@willzavala_ yeah, when he reaches 23.24 mph - 11 days ago


@odw__vicentius so was t. hill - 11 days ago


@bigpat224 was exactly - 11 days ago


@bigpat224 breida had the nickname first get over it - 11 days ago


@bigpat224 fine alright lol p.s. thank you and your pops for your services much appreciated sir 🦅🇺🇲 - 11 days ago


@willzavala_ oh no doubt bro! thanks! - 11 days ago


@odw__vicentius that’s cool but watch your tone - 11 days ago


@bigpat224 i ain’t know you could hear my tone through a message - 11 days ago


@odw__vicentius don’t hv to hear, i can read! we can agree to disagree but no need to tell me to get over anything. wasn’t a big deal. - 11 days ago


the cheetah is too fast - 11 days ago


bahahahahahsbsbsbs - 11 days ago


@bigpat224 seems like it is to you - 11 days ago


cmc is my favorite rb ngl, even over aaron jones - 11 days ago


@f.vb.smith_02 well you can’t name 3 good white rbs and the two mvp candidates are black qbs,and 7 of the 10 passing td leaders are black. sorry you feel oppressed - 11 days ago


@liluzisforgottenhandbag larry csonka, mccaffery, mike alstott, peyton hillis, rex burkhead - 11 days ago


@f.vb.smith_02 larry csonka old as fuck and so is alstott. hillis was a one hit wonder and not a good back, and rex burkhead 💀 - 11 days ago


@liluzisforgottenhandbag you never said modern 💀 and top 13 touchdown leaders for a career are white. only 1 black guy in the top 20 - 11 days ago


@f.vb.smith_02 yeah because i would go to the 1900s where black men didn’t have equal rights for half a century to compare, of course. - 11 days ago


@liluzisforgottenhandbag and that's my fault how? - 11 days ago


#cheetah 🐆 - 10 days ago


mccaffrey rocks! - 10 days ago


🙌 - 10 days ago


@ryanorben - 10 days ago


i feel like the defensive players that are trying to catch them are going faster. they should track some of their speed - 9 days ago


those panthers 👀 - 6 days ago