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swipe to see the nfc players of the week! (week 5) 👏
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dan bailey is way better than brett barely maher - 11 days ago


congratulations me bosa there is a new shérif in town...🏈🏈🏈 - 11 days ago


@packersday that was last year. we’re talking about now. - 11 days ago


@lilcripboi so you’re saying that he was one of the worse ypc? that’s laughable - 11 days ago


@showtyme_33 have a game - 11 days ago


@ash.thor21 underrated comment 😂 - 11 days ago


so no christian mccaffrey? - 11 days ago


so no christian mccaffrey? - 11 days ago


@patrickdykes__ skol 💜 - 11 days ago


scandric was insane - 11 days ago


at this point any running back that plays against the cowboys is a stud - 11 days ago


dan bailey back at it 💯 - 11 days ago


@benbwood why on earth did we let bailey go - 11 days ago


imagine dallas getting rid of dan bailey - 11 days ago


@joemarshall00 oath - 11 days ago


@marc_p__ damn bruh calm down i’m on ur side😭😭😭 - 11 days ago


@sack_55 should have been nfc defensive player of the week. - 11 days ago


@charlie.ohh why you calling him dan the man then lol - 11 days ago


@sack_55 got robbed - 11 days ago


lmfaoooooobahahahhahha a. a - 11 days ago


👏👏👏🔥🔥 - 11 days ago


@rbperez7 bosa is better tho - 11 days ago


@iffrig18 but that's a whole team bosa had a great night by himself - 11 days ago


@mac050407 there is no reason why they couldn’t say the eagles defense. your logic is flawed - 11 days ago


@mac050407 this isn’t a whose better post. it’s player of the week. @sack_55 deserved it. - 11 days ago


@rbperez7 what did he do better than bosa to deserve? one touchdown doesnt make you defense player of the week - 11 days ago


@iffrig18 it's defense player of the week not defense team of the week - 11 days ago


his flag stood - 11 days ago


@mac050407 yes but the team did so will it warrants the recognition. every player performed significantly better and several had more than one sack so..... - 11 days ago


@mac050407 3 sacks in one game? - 10 days ago


@rbperez7 two sacks (should have been three but the refs didnt see that last play in the half), a fumble recovery, pressured the quarterback many times (once that turned into an interception. and what brian burns had a couple sacks and a lucky touchdown get out of here. must be a panthers fan - 10 days ago


@iffrig18 good job 10 sacks and a couple interceptions by one team is a decent game. and vs the jets that didnt have sam darnold it doesnt say much - 10 days ago


@mac050407 decent? that has never happened before in nfl history. it’s a little better than decent bud - 10 days ago


@iffrig18 against who knows who that quarterback was. all i'm saying is is that this is defense player of the week not defense team of the week. they can be team of the week all they want. the whole team cant win defense player of the week it just doesnt work that way. if someone on that team had like 3 sacks and a pick or something they might have won - 10 days ago


that’s awful, easily orlando scandrick - 10 days ago


forgot to erase the background in between his arm and the jersey. on the arm he is carrying the ball. can't unsee it now :( - 8 days ago


! - 6 days ago